Sherco Trials


Wow, what can we say.  Below is all the information concerning the new 2013 Sherco.  With an already brilliant national pro USA championship winning platform in 2012, Sherco continues to improve. Order yours now and be the first one in your area to show off this beauty!


The evolution of the Sherco Trials model lineup has gone a step forward with the new ST2013, a bike which has received a significant amount of refinement brought about by attention to detail in order to provide the ever increasing number of Sherco customers with a motorcycle that will give them the best possible quality and performance.
The past few years have seen the ST model range completely renovated, the ST2013 is a further refinement of that ongoing evolution. The 2013 models have received a complete new look and the technicians have made several changes to the bike that are the direct result of information obtained in the field test of world class racing.

The new Sherco ST2013 goes one step further in the evolution of trials bikes. In addition to the spectacular new appearance, there are many technical enhancements housed in the new bike that makes it much better than its predecessors.
The new appearance of the ST is more in tune with racing which gives it a unique character, breaking with the trend of recent years and gives the new Sherco motorcycle a completely different look.
The bikes continue to maintain the Sherco corporate colors of blue and yellow, but the latter has assumed a more prominent position, giving more color to the chassis and various decorative details. An example of the attention to detail is confirmed by the new yellow hubs and Morad rims that are anodized a graphite matte-finish which adds elegance to the wheel assemblies.
The base decoration is complemented with a completely redesigned set of decals that are made from a material that is highly abrasive resistant to help protect sensitive areas of the bike from abrasive damage, such as the front fork tubes, the swing arm and the frame near the foot pegs.
The motor has also received a touch of color with many details in Matt Black, which completes the homogeneous image of the dynamic attractive new Sherco ST2013.

Small details make the new ST2013 an exquisite bike, a considerable improvement in quality has been achieved which sets a standard for the competition.
Numerous evolutions have taken place in the engine. Outward changes include the redesign of the kick start lever and the gearshift lever, they are more ergonomic. The right side of the crankcase has been redesigned as well as the skid plate in order to provide greater protection to the underside of the engine from large impacts.
A new carburetor setup in conjunction with an adjustment to the thermodynamics of the cylinder have increased engine performance at all speeds and under every condition. The clutch has also received some minor improvements, such as the inclusion of an additional radial bearing to more effectively transfer power from the engine which results in increased performance.

The chassis has been thoroughly tested, analyzed and modified in the high stress areas. This revision has produced a frame that has greater rigidity and stability and allows the rider to face any obstacle with a greater degree of confidence.
The suspension units have also received revisions, the Tech front fork has new calibrations and the R16V rear shock incorporates a new spring lock washer. The new forged aluminum foot pegs are now adjustable by means of a new socket design. This allows the rider to position the foot pegs in the optimum position for their individual riding style.

The ST2013 models are equipped with the new Formula brake kit that is the result of a joint effort by the technical departments of both Sherco and Formula.
The result is a new unit that includes new internal parts, piston, rod and ball joint (link) that have been perfected to permit smooth movement of the lever in any position, maintaining the pressure and force necessary for effective brake operation.
This new set is the most advanced and evolved ever to be installed on a trials bike, it also incorporates an adjustable neutral position that allows the rider to adjust the lever position to suit their individual requirements. The actual lever has an ergonomic geometry that fits perfectly in your hand.
The entire Formula package is completed with the latest evolution of the rear brake caliper.


Engine 2 strokes Sherco proprietary design
Engine Size 272 cc
Bore x Stroke 72.8 x 60 mm
Cylinder Nikasil
Lubrication Unleaded gasoline with 2% oil pre-mix
Start Geared system with folding lever
Carburetor Keihin ? 28
Exhaust Integrated aluminum muffler
Transmission 5 speed sequential gearbox with security selector system to prevent false shifts. Primary gear drive chain secondary drive
Clutch Hydraulic, multidisc in oil bath
Ignition Electronic Digital Hidria with two power curves
Skid plate Made from stamped heat treated Aluminum
Frame Tubular section Chrome-moly
Fuel tank Ergal aluminium with integrated fuel pump
Brakes Hydraulically activated Formula floating ?185 mm front and ? 145 mm. rear
Front suspension Tech ? 39 mm hydraulic telescopic fork, 165 mm travel
Rear suspension Progressive link system with single R16V adjustable shock absorber, 175mm travel
Front wheel Morad 21″ graphite anodized aluminum rim and aluminum hub, steel spokes with Michelin tube-type tire
Rear Wheel Morad 18″ graphite anodized aluminum rim and aluminum hub, steel spokes with Michelin tubeless tire
Weight 68 kg (149.91 lbs)
Wheelbase 1 322 mm (52.05 in)
Ground clearance 310 mm (12.20 in)
Seat height 645 mm (25.39 in)