Ossa Trials

THE 2014 TRi RANGE :


2014 is the key year in the evolution of OSSA TR range. The revolutionary concept of OSSA trials bike reaches its peak this season after three years of development in the OSSA R & D and of experience in the global competition. This is the TR version with the most technical changes from the previous year, extracting the full potential of a concept that is as revolutionary as the first day.

The TR range has been technically improved and expanded to respond to the needs of a full range of users, from the most demanding professional riders to the less experienced ones.

The OSSA Tr range has had unique qualities from its birth. The OSSA trials bike represents a technically revolutionary concept with a completely new structure of frame and engine, providing the lightest machine of the category and an exemplary motor behavior: soft, linear and as well powerful.

The 2014 range seeks perfection, refining the TR concept to reach its maximum. Each detail of the bike has been redrafted for a more accurate, pleasant, efficacy and robust working. The behavior of the engine, the throttle response and feeling of clutch and brakes allow intuitive and natural riding so the user will always have everything under control, feeling that the bike fits him no matter what is his style or his experience.

On the other hand, many bike components have been redesigned to withstand more smoothly aggressive riding or harsh conditions. As demonstrated in the Red Bull Romaniacs 2013, an extreme enduro competition where OSSA participated on an OSSA Explorer equipped with a TR 2014 engine, reliability and durability of the new models are so beyond doubt.

Moreover, the entire assembly process of the bikes and finish of the parts has been revised, for the highest quality finishes.


The 2014 TRi 2014 are presented in four displacements: the 125cc and 280cc already known and bind to the new 250cc and 300cc. Thus, the OSSA trials bike range offers options for every users and styles. The 125cc has a completely new cylinder developed by the R & D department of OSSA, offering more torque across the whole rev range, especially at low and medium engine speeds. The 250 cylinder has been developed from scratch by OSSA seeking the best compromise for an easy while effective riding, while TR300i 2014 also has a completely new cylinder with new thermodynamics that provides high power for the most experienced users. For each model, the cylinder head is reviewed and adjusted in order to improve engine efficiency, in combination with new injection maps that accurately self-adjust to varying conditions of pressure, temperature and altitude.


The engine of the TRi 2014 receives a lot of improvements developed on competition by the OSSA racing team. The crankshaft has now a ball bearing that minimizes vibration and reduces stress on the transmission. The gearbox has been reinforced with gears and shafts design completely new to firmly support even the most demanding styles of professional riders. To improve reliability and minimize wear, it was also changed the crankcase in order to accommodate a larger volume of gear oil (450cc, so 100cc more than 2013 bikes). The clutch has a new spring and pressure plate configuration that ensure a uniform working and longer life of the disks as well of a better feeling and smoother actuation.

It also has built a new electronically controlled capacitor that makes it extremely easy to start the engine, while the electric wiring has been redesigned for a greater simplicity and reliability.

The engine has a lot of major changes


The TRi 2014 range has many improvements on its frame. The new Braktec clutch and brake pumps have a new design that improves the feeling and control. A new harder chain tensioner spring ensures a more constant tension, while the new set of connecting rods and rocker arm with larger diameter shafts ensures its strength even in the most extreme conditions. The steering seals were replaced with bigger ones that prevent moisture from entering the bearing housings.

Moreover, the settings of the suspensions have been revised from racing experience.

New Braktec front brake and clutch pump


The OSSA TRi has always been distinguished by their aesthetic, sporty but elegant. This season, the TR have a fresh and modern design with white base and a powerful green standing on its black frame.


No matter your level: novice that begin the discipline as high level rider, you will find your TR in the 2014 range. You will feel the behavior of a bike that shines in every detail, with a frame more precise and lighter than any other, with a progressive and friendly, but also powerful engine and, thanks to electronic fuel injection, incomparably linear and with an excellent throttle response. You will feel that the OSSA TRi fits to your riding style as if was designed for you.