AJP Enduros

The PR3 is an expression of the technological innovation that distinguishes AJP.


A composite frame with double aluminum spars and steel cradle assures excellent rideability, low weight and innovative design.

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The PR3 incorporates AJP’s own technologies, such as the fuel tank underneath the rider’s seat, polished aluminum swing arm, hi-end suspension, optimized weight distribution, and a trials-like short wheelbase, offering an incomparable experience – there is nothing in the market like an AJP – 2easy2ride.

The PR4 takes all the ideas of the PR3 and expands on them into a larger package – so a more capable enduro bike is the result.  Higher ground clearance, even higher spec suspension, plus full-size wheels set this bike apart from the PR3.


Fundamental features for enduro were improved upon, thanks to the new double spar frame, which has a reduced frame weight, improving rideability and at same time keeping high levels of stiffness.

The PR4 performances were proven in several races that took place in France, where some prototypes have participated in Enduro races and have beaten the competition.


The PR5 is the ultimate bike from AJP, it takes all the things learned in the past models and racing experiences and applies them with hi-tech solutions resulting in this flagship model.


AJP PR5 continues the tradition of using a strengthened double aluminum beam frame but at the same time lighter in weight than previous versions, which makes if faster and more nimble then any other bike in the AJP line-up

The PR5 is powered by a 250cc engine that is fueled by an Electronic Management System tuned to be extremely strong at low and medium revs, which is perfect for Enduro riding plus saves fuel and energy as well.

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